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Ebola Ape is an audiovisual project founded in 2011 by a mysterious, masked musician Ebo who claims to be a gorilla escaped from the scientist’s lab after his capture in the Congolese jungle. Ebola Ape’s first EP ‘Jungle Omen’ was self-released. Grimy and dark electronic sounds mixed with African / hip hop rhythms instantly received much interest from around the world. Positive press reviews and invitiations to play solo gigs and festivals followed. Soon after Ebo was joined by Agata ‘Hertzshmertz’ Krolak , who added element of ethnic magic to his live performances with her visuals. For the stage she transforms herself into a pink fox to keep up with the fairy-tale animalistic character of the project. 2012 saw the release of the second EP ‘Humanity’ by a Slovakian netlabel Soun Records. The work on the first LP has been completed, it will be titled ‘Dance in Haze’. A lot of heart has been put into this production, with a few talented and up-coming young artists from countries as diverse as Poland, Sweden or USA. See what they are up to here.

Hertzshmertz (Agata Królak) born in 1987, visual artist, graphic designer and illustrator based in Gdańsk, Poland. Her visuals are naive and intense; short loops of simple forms and colors, inspired by nature, carnival and child’s play. As a vj she performed with many artist, such as: Ebola Ape, Stendek, Fischerle, Heqc, Kartell, Mooryc, Coldair, Olbrzym i Kurdupel. You can see more of her lovely work here.



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