Vali Chincişan

Vali Chincişan finished in 2005 the MA in Visual Arts at the National University of Arts in Bucharest where he also graduated from the Faculty of Arts, painting section. He had personal exhibitions in Bucharest (in various art galleries and the National Museum of Contemporary Art), Vienna / Kunsthalle and Budapest. His moving images appeared as: live visuals during events such as Rokolectiv, festival of electronic music and visual arts, Bucharest, Sampling Bucharest – Fluc Club, Vienna or TodaysArt Festival, Hague; screenings during dance shows, such as “The Temptation of St. Anthony”, played at the Bucharest National Theater or animations proper at festival such as Animest, Bucharest or Bornshorts film festival, Bornholm island in Denmark. In 2009 he won “Best romanian film Anim’est 2009″ with his work “Urban Tree”.
His belief: “Surrealist, realist, abstract, minimal, colourful or bleached or hyperfauveavangardistopoveranaive images – the style doesn’t matter. Doing creative things is beautiful. Doing is an action, and action is energy.” His latest work “Linea NIgra” is a metaphor that reflects a situation in which the effects of choosing a religion, a political system or a dogma blindly lead to an undesirable outcome and it is inspired by the politics surrounding gold mining project in Roşia Montană, Romania.
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