date :: 29.09-1.10.2011
location :: design factory

Live visuals, during which the artists generate and improvise image real time to music, is a discipline in itself and it should not be mistaken for the commercial and club visuals [so called VJ-ing]. It exists at the intersections of dynamic play and installation, of concert and movie, of shadow theater and holographic experience. But these words merely describe an international standard or an ideal status. They are so much harder to put into or to be seen in practice, especially in Slovakia. Most of the time we have to deal with mindless loops of more or less „funny“ videos or material “borrowed” from archive.org, with kitsch flooding the LCD screens of clubs, with non-professional attitude towards live visual making which is considered to be simply a side-dish for the main audio act. For some it is and it will remain so. But some aim at building coherent acts and at providing the public with a complete and original audio-visual experience. This festival is for this latter category that aims at setting standards high and at freeing live visuals from the shadowy space of clubs.
a.live festival will be showcasing the best from Slovak scene and will bring artists from the close abroad [Austria, Czech Republic] as inspiration.



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