Audiovisual provocateur, vj, radio-host, programmer, pd-freak. Member of BURUNDI media lab since 2004, after its decay in 2005 co-founded ITCHY BIT collective with Ana Filip and Michal Čudrnák. Speaker, later editor-in-chief at Tlis radio in Bratislava. 2007 Bc. from Applied Computer Sciences, 2009 Ma. from Cognitive Science at the FMFI UK in Bratislava. Since 2008 together with Dušan Barok he is the administrator of the free culture server Sanchez. Currently studying alternative theatre direction at Prague’s DAMU. Selected projects involve real-time video sythesis for Bratislava-based experimental electronica projects Poo and 1/x (Daniel Tóth), collaborations with Czech electronic musicians Michal Cáb and Markéta Cilečková, as well as Pure Data tools development for P.A.T. Theatre.
Gnd’s visuals are generated in real-time, geometry, glitch, noise and cut-ups of distorted video clashing, according to data from sound-analysis of played music as well as intuitive navigation across the state-space of gnd’s tools coded in Pure Data. Never a single performance is the same, all happen now and here fading from the memory like afterimages of the retina.

videos from the remake of Dreamachine, a joined project of Peter Gonda (gnd), s Markéta Cílečkova (cil) and Michal Cáb (Cabowitz);