Lightning Gloves

Lightning Glove is a Prague based audiovisual project that came into being at the end of 2011 around the Red for Color Blind blog. In 2012 the founding trio featuring Snsbr on voice, Dizzcock and Head in Body both on electronics was joined by vj Aka 47, a curator of 3×3 Gallery in Liberec and vj of Prague’s Roxy, Lunchmeat and others. The music released on their debut tape Fantasmagorie interiéru was recorded mostly without overdubs so that it retains the “live” feeling of sound which during live shows oscillates between stable structures and improvisations. It is explicitly eclectic in terms of sources of inspiration which include today’s remains of the rave culture. Their songs later appeared on compilations of the Polish netlabel Plunderphonics and the Czech blog Freakshow. In June 2013 Raving Peacock’s Tail EP including four new songs was released by UK influental Tesla Tapes label run by psychedelic collective Gnod, with mastering by Steven Bishop (Basic House, Opal Tapes), and launched in Manchaster’s Islington Mill on Gesamtkunstwerk series. All Lightning Glove members are active mostly on Prague independent scene, being journalists (A2 cultural bi-weekly) and organisers of events too.

„Lightning Glove are from Prague, an audiovisual collective of music activists, angry, relentless and determined. Their music emanates from the existential and guttural, the harrowing vocals and electronics weave a yearning soundtrack to abandoned rave fields. A few months ago, they supported Gnod and this led to a release on the Salford group’s label Tesla Tapes. Dub-inflected and airy, Raving Peacocks Tail pursues helium-induced states, echoing from a veil of ersatz nostalgia.“ (Easternhaze, Electronic Beats)

“When Gnod played the K4 in Prague April 2013, LG were the support. 4 heads on stage, 2 on machines with their faces covered by scarfs ,1 in control of live visuals & 1 extreme presence on the mic. They completely slayed us with broken motorix, big bass, no bull vocals & heavy vibes. (…) Raving Peacocks Tail takes it further, beats and basslines that pull so hard on each other they tear the listener in two, no fat or waste to be found. Vocals that penetrate and with each listen become more poignant but never interfere with the music.“ (Tesla Tapes)