vj Kolouch

Jan Šrámek. Animator, illustrator and graphic designer. Currently a PhD student at the Intermedia Department of Brno’s Faculty of Arts. In 2008, together with two friends, he founded the art group Anymade, which evolved across the years, both in point of number of members and in point of interests, currently being a multifunctional platform whose activities combine various genres and fields, such as graphic design, photography, typography, illustration, video and motion design. Together with Filip Cenek and Magdalena Hrubá, Jan forms the visual part of the electronic project MIDI LIDI. He is also half of the 1A2V1 project. Since 2007 he curates the VJ section of the NEW NEW! festival in Brno.
In his work he focuses mostly on experimental and animated film, on vector graphics and illustration, and on exploring the relationship between static and moving image. Vector graphics is also the core of his Vj sets. Since 2006 he dedicates himself mostly to VJing and under the moniker VJ Kolouch participated in various national and international festivals and events.


Official videoclip for London producer Milanese

Hommage an VJ Věra Lukášová. Originally part of instalattion made for VII. Animated Film Festival PAF, Olomouc.

Midi Lidi: Pouzdro