The Keygens

A program for nostalgic people. An audiovisual project of two non-musical entities, built only on the nostalgic remembrance of times long past when the cornerstone of the virtual world was the square. The keygen is an .exe which due to its complex DNA structure manages to generate powerful numerical gene sequences (so called serial numbers) that smoothly and effectively alter the immunity system of proprietary software. This culture medium grown on / infiltrated with keygens is swarming with mischievious bugs and viruses, that search for the open wounds of the operating system in order to infect them and collapse the system by filing through its coils, asking questions about the meaning of life (and thus sucking on the vital energy of the processor), trickling voodoo toxins in its mind. The musical part consists of the best of keygen sounds that are secretly nested inside each .exe file.
In brief: we will play the .exes dirty, without gloves and without antivirus.

Keygen party, 2010.

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